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Application of zinc oxide desulfurizer

Zinc oxide desulfurizer is a kind of fine desulfurization with ZnO as the main component and bauxite, cement or cellulose as binder. Sometimes CaO, MnO2, MgO or Al2O3 is added, and sometimes some pore former is added. The pore structure of the desulfurizing agent is changed to improve the desulfurization activity and enhance the crushing strength. This kind of desulfurizer has an important position for high desulfurization precision, easy to use, stable performance and high sulfur capacity. It is widely used in synthetic ammonia, synthetic methanol, coal chemical, petroleum refining, beverage production and other industries to remove natural gas. Hydrogen sulfide and some organic sulfur in raw materials such as petroleum fraction, oil field gas, refinery gas, and synthesis gas (H2+CO). Since zinc oxide can react with H2S to form ZnS which is difficult to dissociate, the total sulfur of the purified gas can be reduced to 0.3-0.1 μg/g or less, thereby ensuring that the catalyst in the downstream process is free from sulfur poisoning. The general reaction equation is as follows:

Longli brand zinc oxide application field

First, the rubber tire industry 1. Advanced black and dark rubber tires and radial tires Function: Improve the thermal conductivity, wear resistance, tear resistance, tensile strength and other indicators of the product, and save about 30% of zinc oxide. Second, rubber products Overview of use: 1 Active zinc oxide is mainly used as a reinforcing agent for rubber, so that the rubber has good corrosion resistance, tear resistance, elasticity and elongation. 2 Promoter for rubber vulcanization process, it is a multifunctional rubber compounding agent, mainly used as vulcanization active agent and reinforcing agent for natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex. 3 When used as a vulcanization activator, it is evenly distributed in the rubber compound, and has a large contact area with hydrogen sulfide. The opportunity for interfacial reaction is large, and the active zinc oxide product has a catalytic effect of active substances to convert zinc oxide. It has a high conversion rate of zinc sulfide. 4 As a sulfurized oxidant, its role is to increase the activity of the accelerator, reduce the amount of accelerator, and shorten the curing cycle. 5 can speed up the vulcanization speed, improve the thermal conductivity of the vulcanized rubber, and make the vulcanization more thorough. 6 In the rubber industry, especially in the production of transparent rubber products, active zinc oxide is an excellent vulcanization activator. 1, synthetic rubber Function: act as an activator, vulcanization accelerator and reinforcing agent, and have a coloring effect. Promote the vulcanization, activation and reinforcement of the rubber, anti-aging effect, can strengthen the vulcanization process, improve the tear resistance and wear resistance of rubber products. 2, natural rubber Function: It acts as vulcanization activator, promotes the vulcanization, activation and reinforcement of rubber, anti-aging effect, can strengthen the vulcanization process, and improve the tear resistance and wear resistance of rubber products. 3, latex Function: act as an activator to promote the vulcanization, activation and reinforcement of rubber, anti-aging effect, strengthen the vulcanization process, and improve the tear resistance and wear resistance of rubber products. 4, white latex Role: as a coloring agent and filler. 5, neoprene Function: as a vulcanizing agent and a compounding agent for increasing thermal conductivity. 6, the footwear industry Used for rubber shoes, rain boots, rubber gloves and other labor protection products, the role: to improve wear resistance and anti-aging, and extend the service life. 7. Transparent rubber and rubber products for food An inorganic active agent essential for the manufacture of transparent rubber and rubber products for food. 8, transparent and translucent rubber Function: as a vulcanization active agent. 9, transparent or colored rubber products Used in transparent or colored rubber products, it has an irreplaceable role as a traditional active agent such as carbon black. 10, gas sealant, gasket and other products Function: It has a good effect on improving wear resistance and sealing effect. Third, the coating 1. It has coloring, anti-corrosion and strong hiding ability in coatings, and improves the anti-mildew and anti-UV aging properties of coatings. 2, zinc oxide has good pigment properties, widely used in the coatings industry, especially anti-corrosive paints and primers, the amount of zinc oxide in the formula can sometimes reach 30%. 3, can be formulated into oil with oil, the coloring power and hiding power is large. 4. Used in inorganic coatings and latex paints. 5. It is used in the interior and exterior wall emulsion coatings to make the coating have the functions of shielding ultraviolet rays, absorbing infrared rays and sterilizing and mildewproof. 6, used in waterborne coatings. Fourth, glass Adding zinc oxide to the glass increases transparency, brightness and tensile strain, and reduces the coefficient of thermal expansion. It is also used in optical glass, electric glass, and low-melting glass. Five, cable Used as a reinforcing agent to make the cable have good corrosion resistance, tear resistance and elasticity, and elongation. Sixth, oil As an additive to petroleum products. Seven, paint As a brightener. Eight, plastic Used as a UV stabilizer, also known as a light stabilizer, can improve the atmospheric resistance of polyethylene. Nine, electronic A magnetic material used to make electronic structural components - ferrite. X. Chemical fiber textile field Used in viscose fiber, synthetic fiber products, UV resistant fabrics, antibacterial fabrics, and umbrellas. Eleven, phosphating solution It is used for phosphating treatment. In the phosphating solution, the performance is stable. After dissolution, it is clear and transparent, so that the phosphating solution can better prevent corrosion, anti-ag

Shijiazhuang College and Longli Chemical Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony and unveiling ceremony for the chemical practice teaching base

On the morning of January 17, Shijiazhuang College held a signing ceremony and unveiling ceremony for the Chemical Practice Teaching Base in Gaochun County Longli Chemical Co., Ltd. Vice President Liu Jianjun, Director of the Academic Affairs Office Gao Zhenhuan, Dean of the School of Chemical Engineering Wei Qing, deputy head of Gaochun County Wei Shujiang, deputy director of the National People's Congress Zhang Jiangang, and director of the County Science and Technology Bureau Wang Zhanwei attended the ceremony, and the personnel of the Academic Affairs Office and the School of Chemical Engineering Participate in activities. At the signing and unveiling ceremony, Wei Shujiang, deputy magistrate of Gaochun County, delivered a speech on behalf of Gaochun County. Vice President Liu Jianjun briefly introduced the basic situation of running a school in Shijiazhuang University, focusing on the school-running concept of Shijiazhuang College serving local economic and social development and the professional pattern of “three groups and one chain”. At the same time, he expressed his understanding of the establishment of chemical practice teaching base. Congratulations, pointing out that the establishment of the chemical practice teaching base is a new achievement of the school-enterprise cooperation between Shijiazhuang College and Gaochun County. It has important practical significance for further deepening the cooperation between schools and enterprises and continuously improving the ability to serve local economic and social development. I hope that the two sides will further strengthen cooperation. Create a new situation for school-enterprise cooperation. Subsequently, Wei Qing, Dean of the School of Chemical Engineering, and Zheng Huiqiang, General Manager of Longli Chemical Co., Ltd. signed the “Construction Base for the Construction of Practical Teaching Bases”; Vice President Liu Jianjun and Wei Shujiang, the deputy head of Gaochun County, unveiled the “Chemical Practice Teaching Base”.
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